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Anti-Climbing Devices

Making public space safer.
Vandal deterrants - a must for public Space
Anti-climbing devices are specifically designed for making your public space safer. Vandal deterrents or anti-climbing devices are ideal for council parks and gardens or schools where safety is of paramount importance. With required OH&S risk assessment procedures, it has become increasingly necessary to take preventative action. The addition of ‘vandal spikes’, makes posts a lot harder to climb, which reduces vandal access to covers and therefore greatly decreases the risk of injury or death. Spikes are rounded for safety but prove to be difficult to climb around. Powder coated to match your existing structure and blend in to the design, these simple but effective solutions benefit everyone.
A full scale service when installing your Shade Structures
Greenline prides itself on delivering the highest quality Shade Sails at competitive prices. Our quality turn-key solutions are designed to cater to every business need, creating a viable Shade Sail product that is versatile and effective.

Whatever your needs, Greenline has the turn-key Shade Sail solution for you. Make an enquiry with Greenline today for a FREE quote on all Shade Sail Structure installations!

Vandal deterrent Options to suit new and existing Shade Structures
Greenline specialises in providing you with a range of high quality, vandal deterrents to suit commercial Shade Structures and Shade Sails and protect your playground space.

We  work with you to come up with designs that will maximise protection for your structure, while looking unobtrusive in your your playgrounds and  play areas for the long term.

Vandal deterrents can be installed after your Shade Structure has been installed. We match the colours of the posts to blend in with existing architecture.

This includes applications for councils, government bodies, schools and developers to protect your investment and also protect others.

We can supply:
– Vandal deterrents in kit form for existing       structures

– Supply-and-install quotes for existing or new        structures

– Disclaimer signage for the public

We offer consistent high levels of customer service, and consistent high-quality products.


In today’s tight economy and culture of speed, far too many people forget that personal service, coupled with thorough attention to detail, is what builds strong business relationships. At Greenline, service is our number one priority.


When you select Greenline, you are not just accepting a mere shade product. You are selecting a leading company that will work with you on your project to develop what you need and to also exceed your expected outcomes.


Greenline Group is a reliable, reputable company with an impressive track record of successful structures and service to back this up. We offer consistent high levels of customer service, and consistent high quality products.


Greenline has extensive manufacturing resources both in-house and externally. Combined with specialist products being sourced Australia-wide, we offer accuracy and consistency in manufacturing, with systems in place to ensure conformance.
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