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Barrel Vault Shade Structures

The Barrel Vault Shade Structure is the ideal option where large spans are necessary in the design.
The Barrel Vault design
The beauty of the gentle curve of a Barrel Vault structure is there for all to see. Large clear spans with minimal support steelwork, plus infinite flexibility in design, all help make this one of the most attractive tensile structures you’ll find.

When you are trying to cover large spans such as an olympic pool or a sports court, selecting a Barrel Vault design makes good sense.

The Barrel Vault design is ideal for spanning pools, hangars and machinery.
The Barrel Vault Shade Structure is the ideal option where large spans are necessary in design. This is especially critical over swimming pools, hangars, machinery sheds etc. Lengths, widths and heights can vary, depending on the design.

Our innovative shade designs are guaranteed to make a statement, and options to customise your structure include posts up to 10m tall (to maximise visual impact), lighting and loud speakers.

Spectacular designs
Spectacular designs are Greenline’s forte and waterproof PVC membrane enhances them beautifully. Not constricted by conventional building parameters, PVC shadecloth membrane can adopt any form you can imagine…literally unlimited design creativity!

For all weather protection, PVC is ideal.

“Testing has shown that PVC membrane provides upwards of 30 years of reliable service – and low maintenance”

Barrel Vault options with PVC membrane
PVC membrane transforms shade to a new level of architecture. A superior membrane, it is equipped with many benefits which make it the elite option for Barrel Vault designs. PVC membrane promises cost and build efficiency, as opposed to using traditional building materials. Due to its light-weight nature and design capabilities, Greenline can supply and install PVC more efficiently, and at a reduced square meter rate, in comparison to typical construction materials and methodology.
Enduring quality with total freedom of design.
Greenline’s PVC membrane design is also built to last. Testing has shown that PVC membrane provides upwards of 30 years of reliable service – and low maintenance. A superior nanotechnology-based coating prevents dirt and grime sticking to the material, ensuring a long lifetime and less maintenance work.

PVC membrane promises all this – and superior shade. 100% UV blockout and water-resistance ensure comfort and safety, no matter what the weather conditions are like.

  • Great communication, on time and perfect. Small problems were solved without fuss. Thank you

    Palmerston Primary SchoolShade sail
  • Excellent job - Great communication, looks fantastic and works well. Very impressed with the quality of work and the quality of product.

    South Wagga Primary SchoolShade sail over play equipment
  • Greenline worked in well with these jobs at Campbelltown BEC (Bike Educational Centre), with restrictions on availability to carry out the work. Thank you to your friendly staff & through work ethic.

    Campbelltown City CouncilBEC (Bike Educational Centre)
  • With the exception of the few minor issues we had with this project, I think the sails look great, you have done a good job. Council has received a lot of positive feedback from the community expressing how happy they are to have shade as well as how good the sails look. The bright colours also look great.

    Strathfield City CouncilAirey Park
  • Efficient and patient in ensuring project met requirements. Completed structure as per suggested timeframe. Ongoing communication throughout project was great.

    Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High SchoolTwo Star Structures
High quality structures
Our driving focus has always been to create structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience, as well as protection from the elements. Greenline has extensive experience in the field of Shade Structures and tensile membranes, working with leading national and international architects and engineers, dedicated to designing elegant and practical structures which leave a legacy for future generations.
A full scale service when installing your Shade Structure
Greenline prides itself on delivering the highest quality structures at competitive prices. Our quality turn-key solutions are designed to cater to every business need, creating a viable Shade Sail product that is versatile and effective. Whatever your needs, Greenline has the turn-key solution for you. Enquire with Greenline today for a FREE quote on all structure installations!
Greenline can supply you with a FREE set of 3D concept drawings to enhance your visual presentations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give you the satisfaction of comprehensive concept development, quick quote turnaround, efficient on-site installation and immediate after-sales service

Quality Assurance

Greenline is one of the only Australian shade companies with internationally accredited Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) & Safety (AS4801) Management Systems.

Australia Wide Installation

Greenline designs and constructs commercial Shade Sails Australia-wide, regularly completing projects in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Design Services

Delivering an outstanding design and construction experience to expand the possibilities of your outdoor space, as well as providing solutions of true distinction.
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