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Greenline Accreditations

These are nationally recognised standards, and Greenline Group is certified as being compliant with these regulations.

Greenline Accreditation

Greenline Accreditation gives you peace of mind.

Accreditations at Greenline Group

Accredited Commercial Shade Sail Installation

Having proper accreditation is highly important to our customers. Greenline Group company accreditations allow you to proceed with the confidence that the finished project or delivered product will be of a consistently high level of quality, and that we will stand by our promises.

You can be satisfied that we are reliable, thorough, and consistent. You can be sure that every commercial Shade Structure or Shade Sail we install is built for the long term.

Accreditation is proof that we are a successful  team who are committed to servicing the Shade Industry – Australia wide.

Peace of mind
Having accreditations is extremely important to our customers when they are looking for a company to provide products and services. This demonstrates that the company you have selected to deliver your Shade Structure project or products is committed to protecting you, your staff, your clients, the environment, and their own team.
In today’s tight economy and culture of speed, far too many people forget that personal service coupled with thorough attention to detail is what builds strong business relationships and ultimately results in a client that is satisfied with both the end product and the process that led to it! Greenline is determined to continue building on their reputation for providing unequalled levels of service.
When you select Greenline, you are not accepting a product. You are selecting a company that will work with you on your project to develop what you need and exceed your desired outcomes.

Innovation is an important part of being environmentally sustainable. Greenline is constantly looking for new ideas and pursuing our commitment to respect the environment.

Greenline Group is a reliable, reputable company with a track record of successful structures and service to support this claim.

We are here to stay, and understand that for us to be a continuing supplier to you, we must offer consistent, high levels of customer service, and consistent, high quality products.

“Greenline is considered to be the ‘supplier of choice’ when it comes to installing commercial Shade Sails across Australia. With 20 years’ experience in this industry, we guarantee high-quality structures, quick project turnaround and professional and helpful support”

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