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Commercial Shadecloth Range

Heavy-duty shadecloth options to suit the commercial and industrial markets.
Greenline offers a great range of heavy duty shadecloth options to suit the commercial and industrial market.
Using the right shadecloth for your structure is critical in the design of a long-lasting Shade Structure.

Greenline supplies and installs shadecloth structures to provide up to 95% UV protection from harmful sun rays. We offer a great range of colours in heavy duty shadecloth, to suit the commercial and industrial markets. Small to medium span shade structures (4m to 15m) typically utilise a woven HDPE (high density polyethylene) mesh with a monofilament and yarn construction. Offering a high UV protection (93 – 97%) shadecloth and a good lifespan, they are the obvious choice for schools, council parks and childcare centres: any area where children are playing and sun protection is required. A 10 year pro-rata warranty is also standard.

Medium to very large span Shade Structures
Medium to very large span Shade Structures (12m to 40m) require a different shadecloth mesh, with a greater tensile strength. Making use of 100% monofilament (round) yarns, Mono mono shade-mesh boasts superior strength and greatly reduced stretch. With the fabric cost 100% warrantied for 10 years, including removal and replacement, this is a very safe and smart choice.
Commercial 95 Shadecloth
Commercial 95 is a high quality knitted shade fabric, supplied in bulk rolls, designed for tension structures, awnings and shade covers, specifically for commercial architectural applications.

  • Strong HDPE fabric won’t rot or absorb moisture
  • Stentered (heat-set) to reduce shrinkage and for ease of fabrication
  • 10 year UV degradation warranty on fabric
  • Engineered in Australia to meet the harsh climate
Monotec 370 series
Monotec 370 series shadecloth sets the benchmark for heavy duty commercial grade knitted shadecloth. It is equally suited to all shade applications, from domestic to the largest commercial and architectural projects. Monotec 370 series shadecloth is manufactured using only the highest quality UV stabilised HDPE, to ensure that it is “engineered to outlast”.
Architec 400 Shadecloth
ARCHITEC 400™ is an extremely strong knitted shadecloth that has been designed for very large commercial tension membrane structures and commercial Shade Sails.

By the very size and nature of large tension structures, ARCHITEC 400™ offers the strongest fabric available in the market, and it has the best weight-to-strength ratio over competitor’s fabrics.

PVC and PVDF membranes
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) – coated polyester fabrics – are the most common waterproof membranes. Depending on fabric weight and coating, warranties of up to 15 years are offered, making these extremely attractive long-term solutions for any waterproof covered area.

Offering good light transmission, they allow diffused natural light to fill the area, eliminating the need for artificial lighting.

All the PVC and PVDF fabrics Greenline uses are 100% recyclable at end-of-life, which gives our customers the reassurance that they are making a sustainable choice in building a Greenline tensile membrane structure. The lightweight character of the membranes and the minimal support steelwork required, means tensile structures are an excellent way to lower your building’s embodied energy. This makes them an obvious choice for any project that calls for environmental responsibility in its design.

Any membrane project over 10,000m² can be in any colour you like! You can give us the colour and we will create the membrane!

Here's why thousands of Australians have chosen PVC tensile membranes:
  • Unmatched strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • 100% UV block out
  • Light transmission with thermal insulation
  • Indoor protection with outdoor ambience
  • Ease of maintenance with anti-mould and mildew protection
  • Total freedom of shape and design with over 40 colour options
  • A long term, 15 year, warranty for peace of mind
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
Other membranes
PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated glass fibre membranes are the most common non-combustible membrane and are typically available in white only. They are sandy beige at time of installation, but soon bleach to white. As glass is inherently much stronger than steel, in a direct weight-to-tensile strength comparison, glass fibre roof systems are much lighter than traditional roof structures. This results in less support framing, greater spans and fewer structural members meaning a ‘greener’ building (less embodied energy) and less cost. PTFE, otherwise known as Teflon©, is one of the toughest compounds known to man.

Silicone coated glass fibre membranes are not so common, but are emerging as an attractive option where non-combustibility is a must. They have the additional benefit of high translucency (up to 40% light transmission) and low toxicity (in fire situations). Silicone coated glass textiles are arguably more environmentally friendly than their PTFE coated cousins, being considered chemically inert and non-toxic, even at high temperatures.

ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) is an incredibly flexible polymer, offering excellent properties, such as transparency, self cleaning and durability. Most commonly used in double or triple layer air inflated pillows it provides excellent thermal and solar control. It is also important to note this is one of the most sustainable building materials available. One high profile ETFE project is the Watercube in Beijing.

Where do we cover?
We cover Shade structure installation Australia wide, but primarily between Sydney and Melbourne, although we are expanding to shade in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. There is no distance barrier, Greenline Group has the same approach to high-quality structures, with proven outcomes, regardless of the location. Need shade in Brisbane? Not a problem… Greenline’s consistent approach to quality and methodology means that you will get a high quality, commercial Shade Structure installed to your satisfaction – every time, anywhere.
Our Mission and Vision:
We are the ‘provider of choice’ for commercial shade and architectural structures in Australia.
Our Commitments:
We continually strive to be the best in all areas of the company to ensure you receive outstanding levels of service and quality – the level all our clients deserve.
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