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Shade Structures for Swimming Pool Areas

From Shade Sails to massive Barrel Vault designs, we have your shade solutions covered.

If you’re looking for swimming pool shade ideas, turn to Greenline for high quality shade structures

Superior shade designs and ideas for pool areas
Greenline’s options for commercial pools and aquatic centres are endless! Swimming pools are a high risk for skin cancer, so targeted shade structures provide a way to manage the risk. Pool Shade Sails and Cantilever Shade Structures are good options. The Star Structure is also a great solution, offering targeted shade to any area: ideal to draw people away from high traffic areas and provide further shaded locations to sit and relax in.

Commercial shade designs for pools totally depend on the site specific requirements, and the effect you want to create. See below for some spectacular pool Shade Structures you can choose from and then give us a call with your ideas.

Swimming pool sun shade designs
When it comes to pools, Shade sail designs really look spectacular. Choose from:

  • Cantilever options
  • Sails
  • The Star
  • Hip structures
  • The Barrel Vault design

When it comes to discussing any of your swimming pool shade ideas, make sure you choose Australia’s sun shade and structures specialist – Greenline.

“Our driving focus has always been to create shade structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience as well as protection from the elements…”

The Cantilever structure – an ideal option where a length of continuous shade is required

Providing shade around pools is so important these days, with all the damaging UV rays and much needed sun protection, but it’s critical to get the right balance, so that you have enough shade and enough sun. The Cantilever design is a great option when you need a continuous length of shade along the edge of the pool, or along the popular areas around the pool.

Our Cantilever designs can span both, and options include Skillion-style, Wave Hypar or Curved: all designed to provide maximum shade, maximum impact and minimum disruption to the area.

Recently we completed a Curved Skillion-style Cantilever structure for Maitland Pool which followed the edge of the pool…. it looks absolutely fantastic and everyone was impressed with the outcome. (see pictured 2nd along)

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The Hypar Shade Sail design
When it comes to pools, the Shade Sail designs really look spectacular. The twisted Hypar effect guarantees a design that enhances any pool area, and our custom designs are built for the long term.

Shade Sails can span the entire pool or be placed strategically at one end. It totally depends on your requirements. A popular choice with a lot of pools is having twisted sails at the shallow end of the pool and extending that to also cover paved and grass areas. This prevents tiles from getting too hot and also protects children from the elements when they are at the pool-edge.

Shade Sail designs are limitless.  Every Shade Structure is custom-manufactured, engineered and installed to suit your specific measurements and requirements.

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Shadecloth options for maximum UV Protection
Our driving focus has always been to create structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience as well as protection from the elements.

Greenline offers a heavy-duty shadecloth range which has all the benefits:

  • Large colour range for maximum impact
  • High UV protection
  • Fire-resistant options
  • 10 year warranty

The Star Structure – pinpointed shade where you need it.

Shade around pool areas is always a careful balance between too much and too little. The Star structure provides shade around your pool area without blocking any view, and without shading too much or too little. The 8m x 8m square cover is ideal for almost anywhere. It can cover part of the pool, or sit away from the pool, where you can use it more for socialising…

A very economical option, the Star structure can be installed in as little as 4-6 weeks.

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The Hip Structure. Solid but practical.
Very simple and unobtrusive, the Hip structure, or Hip and Ridge structure, can blend in with most architecture and its neutral aesthetics provide an effective shade solution for many pool areas. Capable of spanning from one side to the other, the Hip structure is often used to cover one end of the pool, and also provide shade around the pool edge.

When you are looking to provide complete shade cover, the solid-looking Hip structure is a good option to consider. 

Shade designs for practical pool areas
If the Hip structure is what you are looking for, send a quick enquiry below. One of the team will get back to you today!

Complete waterproof cover with the Barrel Vault design

WOW. Complete pool cover with the Barrel Vault structure. This option has stunning impact and can cover massive spans with no trouble at all. A perfect solution for shade over pools, as the structure can be in either waterproof PVC or heavy-duty shadecloth. This design can have lighting installed, and powdercoated steelwork makes it attractive and maintenance free.

If you’re thinking big, grand, and want a real WOW factor, then this is the option for you!

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Install in Winter so the pool is running to capacity in Summer

Do you operate a large-scale public or commercial facility? Greenline is one of Australia’s premier providers of multi-purpose Shade Sails and structures which are perfectly designed and suited to your outdoor shading needs.

Installing shade in local government pools is what we do best, and installing your structure in Winter, when the pool is closed, makes perfect sense.

Whatever your needs, Greenline has the turnkey Shade Sail solution for you. Enquire with Greenline today for a FREE quote on all Shade Sail structure installations.

“Greenline delivers an outstanding design and construction experience, expanding the possibilities of your outdoor space, and delivering commercial tension membrane solutions of true distinction.”

Project Study

Shade Sails… Simply stunning.

Project Study: Cobar Pool

Cobar Pool needed a shade solution capable of spanning a large area, as well as partially covering the pool and eating areas.

Project Inspiration:

Big, bright and beautiful – yellow shadecloth and bright blue posts were used to attract attention and promote a cool breezy Summer feel.

Project Design:

This was achieved with two 18m x 23m large twisted Hypar Shade Sails and two 8m x 8m star structures to give a very effective and very eye-catching result.
20 years' experience
With over 20 years’ experience in the shade industry, we are here to help you create the ultimate shade design for your area. Dramatic high and low points are a critical part of getting your structure right – the first time. Post positions also play a huge role in where shade is likely to fall during the day. We make sure of all this BEFORE your Shade Structure is installed.

Greenline is considered to be the ‘supplier of choice’ when it comes to supplying innovative shade options for commercial pools and hotels across Australia.

With 20 years’ experience in this industry, we guarantee:

  • High quality structures
  • Quick project turnaround
  • Professional and helpful support

Australia Wide Installation

Greenline designs and constructs commercial Shade Sails Australia-wide, regularly completing projects in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Quality Assurance

Greenline is one of the only Australian shade companies with internationally accredited Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Safety (AS4801) Management Systems.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give you the satisfaction of comprehensive concept development, quick quote turnaround, efficient on-site installation and immediate after-sales service.

Unlimited Design

Greenline delivers an outstanding design and construction experience, expanding the possibilities of your outdoor space and delivering commercial solutions of true distinction.
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