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Shade Structure Maintenance

Keep your structures looking beautiful with cleaning, re-covering and repairs
Structure maintenance service
Greenline are the complete experts in Shade Structure maintenance, with over 20 years’ experience… and that includes maintaining, cleaning and repairing existing Shade Structures. To keep your Shade Structure looking this good, it is critical to maintain it regularly.

Tensile membrane structures are generally designed and constructed so that little maintenance is necessary. However, local conditions, aesthetic requirements and/or budgetary constraints may introduce particular maintenance requirements.

These include: fabric cleaning, fitting inspections and structure inspections.

Is your Shade Sail sagging or pooling? It is necessary to re-tension each sail every 12 months, to maintain maximum shade effectiveness.
A little bit of wear and tear? Easily fixed…we’ll re-stitch your Shade Sail and re-tension it when we reinstall.
Anti-climbing devices
Having trouble with vandals? Or worried about kids climbing onto the sails? Anti-climbing devices are a great deterrent and we have proven designs.
Structural checks
Great for identifying where your Shade Structure needs attention, before it becomes a problem. We recommend every 12 months or so.
Shade Sail looking a bit old? Simply replace it… using the existing infrastructure – an easy and cost-effective option.
Add to existing
A great cost-effective solution – rather than replace the whole structure, add to the existing one.
A 12 month clean does wonders to enhance the aesthetics of your structure and make it look like new again.
Complete structure check
Greenline can provide a complete structure check. This includes physically checking and tightening all stainless fittings and connection points.
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