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Shade Audit

Online Shade Audit Tool
Shade Audit
The Greenline Shade Audit Tool is an interactive online tool that allows you to conduct a detailed shade audit of your site, and quickly prepare a professional report that can be used for discussions, planning or funding applications. The online tool is quick and easy to use, and covers:

  • Existing natural shade (trees); their condition and the shade they provide
  • Existing built shade (buildings and shade structures) and their usefulness

It gives you a site specific risk rating, allowing you to prioritise different sites and determine the areas of greatest need. You can upload photos of the relevant areas, which will come out on the report to give a visual explanation of the situation.

The report is fairly quick to prepare – allow 20-30 minutes to walk around the site and complete the online form. You can save the form and come back to it later if you need.

There is an option to share your report at the end to generate feedback from your community and get great feedback on your proposal. The tool is totally free to use.

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Shade Audit Tool
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