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Shade solutions for Parks and Playgrounds

Spectacular designs with long-lasting shade cover

Rely on Greenline for stunning, high quality playground shade structures and shade sails

Greenline specialises in providing a large range of shade structures and covers to suit any area and complete your playground space.

Shade options for Parks and Playgrounds
Sun protection over public playgrounds and playgrounds in schools is vital for outdoor play and recreation areas.

The leading provider of shade sails in Australia, Greenline specialises in providing you with a large range of high quality, commercial shade covers and structures to suit any area and complete your playground space. We work with you to analyse the area and design shade structures that will cover your playgrounds and play areas for the long term.

This includes applications for councils, government bodies, schools and developers to design and construct Shade Sails or customised tension membrane solutions, to partially shade or completely cover children’s playgrounds, BBQ facilities, skate parks, child care centres, special needs (equal access) parks or any other sport and recreation areas. Waterproof shade sails and Colorbond metal roof options can be specified if required.

Available Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney and beyond, we have listed our most popular shade options for parks and playgrounds below for your inspiration and creativity.

Ultimate sun protection
  • 10+ year warranty on shadecloth
  • Provide shade for longer and safer playtime
  • Prevent playground equipment and slides from getting too hot
  • Protect playground equipment and softfall from UV deterioration
  • Block up to 98% of UVR rays, protecting children from excessive UV exposure
  • Long lasting
  • Fully engineered and certified

“Our driving focus has always been to create structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience, as well as protection from the elements.”…

The Conic design over play equipment

Striking in looks and eye-catching in design, the Conic structure is both practical and long-lasting. This option gives maximum shade cover and can span very large areas.

The Conic/Pavilion design is a very high-end option for playgrounds. It can also become a focal point and can be built in stages. The pavilion shape bounces sound around very well, which makes it ideal.

Due to the positioning of the posts, the Conic design can very easily incorporate lighting, electrical and other special effects.

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Heavy duty Shade Sails for playgrounds
Almost everyone wants Shade Sails over their local playground equipment. It always looks great and shades children from harmful UV rays in the long Summer months.

Shade Sails can go anywhere! Up to 20m spans makes these a very practical, cost effective shade solution.  Shade Sails over seating areas is also a great solution for mothers and prams in public areas.

An increasingly popular option with all councils is the use of  Architec 400 shadecloth: a very high quality, commercial shadecloth range, with new designer colours that are guaranteed to impress. The Architec 400 colour range offers over 94% UV protection.

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Shade sails for parks
From simple to extravagant… the Shade Sail is commonly mounted on steel posts. This option is very effective in combinations of modular designs, shapes and colours.  Having multiple overlapping sails will always create the ultimate breezy shade effect. Greenline can provide limitless designs to suit any application, combined with varying heights and modular options.

Our innovative designs are guaranteed to make an impact in your parks and playgrounds, and the options are endless.

Shade Designs for Practical Playgrounds
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Features and benefits
  • ‘Kissing points’ in the sails for added strength and effect
  • Posts are tailored to suit individual heights and widths of sail designs
  • Posts up to 10m tall to maximise visual impact
  • Up to 20m spans to provide maximum shade with minimal disruption to the area
  • Commercial grade shadecloth or waterproof PVC membranes

For solid shade over your play equipment, the Hip structure is ideal.

The traditional Hip and Ridge structure is a very common sight over school and council play equipment, as the low perimeter, combined with good internal clearance, provides excellent all-day cover to any area.

Designed to provide maximum shade all day, the Hip structure is ideal in areas where there is a lack of trees and other natural vegetation.

Playground shade is an important factor in today’s environment and the Hip structure can be built as large or small as you need. The Hip structure suits skate parks, BBQ areas and cover over play equipment and seating areas.

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The Star - ultimate in innovative design
It’s a WOW factor with very little effort.

Highly effective as a single unit, or as repeated modules, the Star sail designs are often used to provide cover around picnic areas, parks and playgrounds, BBQ areas, public seating and along scenic walks. 

The highly popular 8m x 8m (64m²) Star structure is a standard item, and custom sizes and powdercoat colours are available on request. These can be made in either commercial grade shadecloth or waterproof PVC. The Star structure is ideal for all areas at schools, restaurants/cafe’s, main streets, public parks and pool areas with hundreds of colour combinations, giving you the ultimate in innovative design, with minimal disruption to your parks and playgrounds.

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Shade designs for practical playgrounds
Our driving focus has always been to create structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience, as well as protection from the elements. Greenline has extensive experience in the field of Shade Structures and tensile membranes, working with leading national and international architects and engineers, dedicated to designing elegant and practical structures which leave a legacy for future generations.
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Complete waterproof cover with the Barrel Vault design

Not for the faint-hearted, the Barrel Vault design is here to stay. Offering complete all-weather protection, your parks and playgrounds will be the talk of the town for years to come. PVC options only add to the grandeur but it does come at a price…

Being a custom-made structure, lighting and signage can easily be incorporated into it. Special effects only add to the impressive nature of the Barrel Vault.

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“All of our projects and products are produced through teamwork, to achieve the best results possible. We’ll work tirelessly to make our client’s dreams a reality”

Frequently Asked Questions
Shade Sails are a great way of covering large areas in an attractive, functional and economical manner. When designed and built properly, they are a permanent solution.

Q Are shade sails temporary structures?

A No. While a Shade Sail can be removed if needed, the structures are typically designed to be a permanent fixture and are engineered to withstand the same wind and storms as the surrounding buildings. A properly designed and certified structure that is correctly maintained will not ‘blow away’ or ‘fall down’ under any normal storm. Life expectancy on a Shade Structure is typically 15+ years.

Q Do you have many problems with vandals?

A No. Structures are designed to be vandal-resistant. While a determined vandal can damage almost anything, the intent is to make the structures too hard to vandalise, so the vandals go elsewhere. This is achieved through minimum height clearances and anti-vandal climbing devices on columns, fire retardant shadecloth and smart column location.

Latest Project Overview

Dynamic colours make this playground a favorite with locals!

Project Study: Dunbar Park

Pittwater Council required something dynamic to attract attention and maximise the use of the playground. Use of council colours achieved this, and the park is proving to be very popular.

Project Inspiration:

Council used their own colours as inspiration for the park sails. They were also inspired by the park’s close proximity to the water, so they wanted a bright, eye-catching sail effect.

Project Design:

There is a unique art to the look of twisted Shade Sails. They promote a cool breezy look that nothing else can match. Highs and lows add to the effect, and well-chosen colours provide stunning aesthetic appeal.
50 years' combined experience
With over 50 years’ combined experience in the shade industry, we are here to help you create the ultimate shade design for your parks and playgrounds. High and low points over play equipment are a critical part of getting the structure right the first time. Greenline is considered to be the ‘supplier of choice’ when it comes to covering local parks across Australia. With years of experience in this industry we guarantee:

  • High quality structures
  • Quick project turnaround
  • Professional and helpful support
  • "You know, when I started into doing shade structures I gave three companies a go, just to test them out, see how they do business and what their structures are like, but to be quite frank I only use you guys now."

    NSW CouncilPlayground Shade Sails
  • Great communication, on time and perfect. Small problems were solved without fuss. Thank you

    Palmerston Primary SchoolShade sail
  • "Its great to do business with Greenline again. When l know that we need a shade structure, the process of quoting , ordering and installation will be hassle free and the project will run smoothly. Thanks"

    Sunshine North Primary SchoolStar Structure
  • Great communication throughout the installation, installation was hassle free and the sails look great.

    South Gippsland Shire CouncilTaylor Reserve, Sandy Point
Download our FREE brochure “Overview on Shade for Playgrounds” (pdf). It’s a handy reference guide on the different options available.
  • Playground Shade Sails for Ryde City Council
    Playground Shade Sails for Ryde City Council
    Playground Shade Sails in Sydney. Installing multiple playground Shade Sails for Ryde City Council at Yamble Reserve has made the playground very popular with the locals. Multiple sails with kissing points add to the stunning effect of sails. Using commercial shadecloth in beach sand colour is a very common choice with councils, as this shadecloth […]
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  • Council Playground Shade Sails
    Council Playground Shade Sails
    Council Playground Shade Sails Canterbury City Council provided stunning playground Shade Sails at Sutton Reserve in Earlwood. Two large shadecloth sails in Commercial 95 shadecloth – Brunswick Green Powder coated posts – Black
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  • Supply and Installation of shade sails at Thornton Park.
    Supply and Installation of shade sails at Thornton Park.
    Greenline supplied and installed the impressive Shade Sails at Thornton Park. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph stated that: “Shade was top of the list in a survey of residents for a new inclusive playground in the Penrith area”.  The survey was conducted by the Touched by Olivia Foundation, to help create a design for […]
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Unlimited Design

We deliver an outstanding design and construction experience, expanding the possibilities of your outdoor space and providing solutions of true distinction.

Quality Assurance

Greenline is one of the only Australian shade companies with internationally accredited Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Safety (AS4801) Management Systems.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give you the satisfaction of comprehensive concept development, quick quote turnaround, efficient on-site installation and immediate after-sales service.

Australia Wide Installation

Greenline designs and constructs commercial Shade Sails Australia-wide, regularly competing on projects in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.
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