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Shade Options for Sports Courts

Thinking big is easy! We have spans to cover entire basketball courts and sports courts
Shade options for every sports court or basketball court area
Greenline’s Shade Structures are designed to protect players or children on many different types of outdoor athletic courts, sport fields, play areas and schools. Depending on your requirements, our sports courts shade designs can cover entire basketball courts, skateboard parks, tennis courts, badminton courts, lawn bowling fields, roller skating rinks, volleyball courts, and other play areas for sporting events, as well as school PE areas.

Whether it be a steel structure or a waterproof option, Greenline has the solution, the experience and the expertise to deliver exactly what you need.

Options for school basketball courts
Designed to last for the long-term, we provide the following solutions for sports courts and  basketball court areas:

  • The curved Barrel Vault design
  • School metal roof COLAs
  • Hip structures

“Our driving focus has always been to create structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience as well as protection from the elements.”…

Metal roof structures

The COLA structure (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) is a very cost-effective shade solution for schools’ basketball court areas. If you require a waterproof cover to your playgrounds or sports courts areas, this design is built to last. Options of the traditional gable or gentle curves mean your COLA structure can effortlessly fit in with the existing architecture.

Often referred to as Metal Roof Shades, the long term benefits of these structures are too many to mention. Your structure comes with a 10 year warranty and we provide regular maintenance plans to maximise the lifespan of your structure.

We are happy to provide drawings to help visualize your structure before it’s built – Ask one of the team today!

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If you would like more information on these particular Shade Structures, please drop us a line now. The team are happy to help.
The Barrel Vault design
The Barrel Vault structure ticks all the boxes when it comes to covering sports courts or basketball areas. Complete waterproof cover allows for maximum usage of the area all year round.

Being so large and high, it allows natural light into the area and there are many options available to customise your Shade Structure. There are many advantages in shading your basketball courts with the curved Barrel Vault Shade Structure including:

  • Long term warranty.
  • Heavy duty shadecloth or waterproof PVC
  • Options for lighting and electrical.

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Technical support and advice on design and installation as well as long term maintenance
Greenline has a wealth of experience in the design and construction of Shade Sails and tensile membrane structures. We offer you access to this valuable knowledge to give you the peace of mind that your structure will do exactly what you want, and will stay there for the long-term. We service Shade Structures Australia-wide.

Plus…we strive to give you the satisfaction of comprehensive concept development, quick quote turnaround, efficient on-site installation and immediate after-sales service.

Greenline offers an extensive pre-design consultation service to provide you with visual designs in the form of 3D drawings, engineered plans and structural certification, as well as technical support and professional advice.

If you have an area in mind for future shade works, our team will provide professional, specialist, shade assessments and audits to allow your shade dream to become a reality.

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Have an idea that will suit your area? Get some specialist advice from one of the team here. We can help you to work out what will best suit your area.

For solid shade over sports courts, the Hip structure is ideal.

For solid shade over Sports Courts, the Hip Structure is ideal.

Very simple, but offering complete shade cover, the Hip structure can blend in with most existing architecture and its neutral aesthetics provide an effective Shade solution for sports courts and basketball areas.

The traditional Hip and Ridge structure is a very common sight over school play equipment and basketball areas, as it offers a robust, cost-effective shade solution.

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Whatever your needs, Greenline has the turn-key solution for you. Enquire with Greenline today for a FREE quote on all structure installations!

“Greenline has an uncompromising mission to provide excellence at every level”.

Project Overview

If you’re looking for an amazing ambiance, this structure gives it!

Project Study: Waverley College

Spanning a massive 20m x 36m, this PVC Barrel Vault is the ultimate in innovative design. With PVC it becomes a light-filled area with complete weather protection.

Project Inspiration:

Waverley College wanted something practical, long-lasting and functional. This is a big structure with a big presence:

Project Design:

This Barrel Vault has integrated lighting and rainwater collection, without compromising on the clean lines of a tensile structure!
If you’re looking for innovation, Greenline is the right place to come to!
20 years' experience
With over 20 years’ experience in the shade industry, we are here to help you create the ultimate shade design for your sports court area. High and low points over play equipment are a critical part of getting the structure right the first time. Greenline is considered to be the ‘supplier of choice’ when it comes to providing long-lasting shade solutions across Australia.

With 20 years’ experience in this industry, we guarantee:

  • High quality structures
  • Quick project turnaround
  • Professional and helpful support
Feel Free to download our handy reference guide on ‘Shade Solutions to suit Sports Courts’ for your reference. (pdf)

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give you the satisfaction of comprehensive concept development, quick quote turnaround, efficient on-site installation and immediate after-sales service

Quality Assurance

Greenline is one of the only Australian shade companies with internationally accredited Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Safety (AS4801) Management Systems.

Australia Wide Installation

Greenline designs and constructs commercial Shade Sails Australia-wide, regularly completing projects in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Unlimited Design

Delivering an outstanding design and construction experience to expand the possibilities of your outdoor space and provide solutions of true distinction.
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