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Customer Support Australia Wide

Technical support and advice on design, Shade Sail installation and long-term maintenance
A wealth of experience provides invaluable customer support
Unlimited Shade Sail support is a service we offer to all of our valued customers.

Greenline shade has a wealth of experience in design and construction of Shade Sails and tensile membrane structures. We are offering you access to this valuable knowledge, to give you the peace of mind that your structure will do exactly what you want, and will stay in place for the long term.

We service and install Shade Structures Australia-wide. So, no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered! This includes Shade Sails in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane as well as shade in every town in between!

Our attention to detail ensures all bases are covered. It also means that your experience dealing with us will be a good one – That’s our promise!

Just some of the factors to be taken into account are:
•  Geographical location
•  Angle of the sun
•  Historic weather patterns
•  Degree of weather protection offered by adjacent buildings
•  Local soil conditions
•  Use of area to be covered
•  Surrounding terrain
•  Time of use of area
•  Degree of protection required
•  Rainwater flow paths
•  Prominence of structure
•  Proximity to the coast/chlorine
•  Required lifespan of structure
•  Sight lines
As our valued customer we also provide you with
•  Design ideas
•  Concept development
•  Architectural visualisations
•  Shade audits
•  Structural certification
•  Engineered plans
•  Workshop drawings
•  Structural assessments
•  Membrane research
•  Industry-specific testing
•  Technical support and advice
•  Tender specification writing
•  Specialist membrane installation/ cleaning/ tensioning and maintenance
We provide accurate and necessary advice on:
Based on our analysis of the above points, we provide accurate and necessary advice on:
•  Steel sizes
•  Membrane characteristics
•  Membrane weight
•  Attachment heights
•  Membrane shape
•  Support steelwork configuration
•  Connection details
•  Attachment heights
•  Degree of twist, curvature etc.
Our support team is second to none.
All this includes the finest details on the specific structural members required, attachment heights, fabric weights, connection details, angles, extent of twist and curvature etc.

Greenline is more than just a builder of shade and tensile structures.

You will find Greenline’s comprehensive support invaluable for Shade Structure concept realisation.

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