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Council Shade Applications

Shade Solutions to suit Council applications
Shade Structures for Councils
The beauty of Shade Sails for councils lies in their ability to enhance any area and provide shade… a simple solution for council parks, but with maximum impact. Upgrading your parks with Shade Sails really works! It has proven benefits for both parents and children. When it comes to commercial Shade Sails, Greenline has all your needs covered.

We specialise in providing you with designs to suit any application: we supply and install outdoor shade in heavy-duty shadecloth – Australia wide. Whether it’s over public playground equipment or to replace an existing structure, Greenline’s professional team can help. We offer innovation, reliability, quality and service. Testimony to our work is seen in the many projects completed and the consistent positive feedback received.

The Greenline advantage
Shade Sails for councils. Design your next project with ease and total peace of mind with our detailed step-by-step guideline to help you design structures that work.

This includes a comprehensive list of Australian Standards, minimum specifications, quality procedures and government requirements. It also includes a free specification document that can be used when requesting quotes.

Greenline’s professional team is committed to, and qualified for, providing dependable, environmentally friendly, high-quality,  safe shade solutions…

Shade Structures designed for Public Parks and Gardens

We offer a huge range of solutions for Shade Sails for councils – over playgrounds and in public parks. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that everyone wants Shade Sails over their local playground equipment.

They look great, and shade children from harmful UV rays. Shade Sails over seating areas are also a great solution. An increasingly popular option with all councils is the use of Architec 400 shadecloth. A high quality, commercial shadecloth range with new designer colours, guaranteed to impress. Architec 400 shadecloth range comes in a variety of colours and all colours offer over 94% UV protection. Read More > 

Vandal Deterrants maximise the life of your structure

Vandal resistance – Greenline install anti-vandal devices to the columns, making Shade Structures extremely vandal resistant. This is becoming a standard practice in councils and Greenline offer different designs to suit every application.

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If you would like more information on the options that may best suit your area, please send us a quick enquiry. Our team are happy to help with any questions you may have.

The benefits of shade at public pools
Having shade at pools is a must if you want to attract more customers to your local pool in Summer. It not only looks attractive but having Shade Sails around pool areas also promotes a family-friendly environment.

Councils especially benefit hugely by adding Shade Sails to pool areas. A popular option with councils providing shade to local pools, is having the twisted Shade Sails partially covering the pool, as well as grassed areas.

This seems to really provide what local patrons are looking for, and increased attendance during the Summer months is marked.

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Please dont hesitate to submit a quick enquiry for more information on these Shade Structures.

Car park shade options

There are many reasons why local councils provide shade in popular car parking areas, but the main advantage is to draw people further away from high traffic areas, so as to increase safe pedestrian flow.

Shading car parks with a high quality commercial shadecloth will guarantee a long-lasting solution for councils. Our team is here to help to advise you about the different options available.

Shade Sails are a popular solution, as they look spectacular and keep their tension well, while the Cantilever design is great if space is tight and you need maximum shade, without too many posts in the way.

Shade in car parks is also ideal for rented commercial buildings, offering shaded car parking as an added benefit to tenants.

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For more professional advice on shade provision in car parking areas, talk to one of the team today.

  • "The Greenline Team was very accommodating and kept in contact. The project was carried out very professionally. Their new motto should be : We will find the solution that works for you!"

    NSW Police Force
    NSW Police Force
  • With the exception of the few minor issues we had with this project, I think the sails look great, you have done a good job. Council has received a lot of positive feedback from the community expressing how happy they are to have shade as well as how good the sails look. The bright colours also look great.

    Strathfield City Council
    Strathfield City CouncilAirey Park
  • "You know, when I started into doing shade structures I gave three companies a go, just to test them out, see how they do business and what their structures are like, but to be quite frank I only use you guys now."

    NSW Council
    NSW CouncilPlayground Shade Sails
  • Great communication throughout the installation, installation was hassle free and the sails look great.

    South Gippsland Shire Council
    South Gippsland Shire CouncilTaylor Reserve, Sandy Point
  • Greenline worked in well with these jobs at Campbelltown BEC (Bike Educational Centre), with restrictions on availability to carry out the work. Thank you to your friendly staff & through work ethic.

    Campbelltown City Council
    Campbelltown City CouncilBEC (Bike Educational Centre)
Greenline has developed a detailed, step-by-step guideline to Shade Sructure design, to help Council Landscape Architects and Open Space Managers design structures that work.

The guideline includes a comprehensive list of Australian Standards, minimum specifications, quality procedures and government requirements, and it’s FREE! This enables you to design Shade Sails for councils that work. Start your next project with ease and total peace of mind.

The specification document can be used in Request For Quote (RFQ) and provides a robust benchmark for quality structures. We provide this FREE for tendering projects.

Here's why you should choose Greenline
You can be sure you are dealing with an industry leader because Greenline is the preferred supplier to all NSW councils, offering:

  1. High quality structures
  2. Quick project turnaround
  3. Professional and helpful support

Remember…increased public attractions = increased tourism = increased revenue to your city. What areas could you improve with just a few small changes? Picnic areas, BBQ areas or playgrounds? Do what you can to make the most of your town’s urban space.

Greenline Accreditation gives you peace of mind.
Having proper accreditation is highly important to you as the customer.

You have the reassurance that the company you have selected to deliver your Shade Structure will be of a consistently high level of quality, and you can be satisfied that we are reliable, thorough, and consistent.

You can be sure that every commercial Shade Structure or Shade Sail we install is built for the long term.

Australia Wide Installation

Greenline designs and constructs commercial Shade Sails Australia-wide, regularly completing projects in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.


Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give you the satisfaction of comprehensive concept development, quick quote turnaround, efficient on-site installation and immediate after-sales service.


Quality Assurance

Greenline is one of the only Australian shade companies with internationally accredited Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Safety (AS4801) Management Systems.


Unlimited Design

We deliver an outstanding design and construction experience, expanding the possibilities of your outdoor space and delivering commercial solutions of true distinction.

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