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Waterproof Shade Sails

The enduring quality of waterproof PVC, with total freedom of design, makes waterproof shade sails your ultimate choice.

The enduring qualities of waterproof shade sails
PVC membrane transforms shade to a new level of architecture. Being a superior membrane, it provides many benefits which make it the elite option for the design of waterproof shade sails. A Greenline PVC membrane structure promises profile, longevity and style.

Greenline’s waterproof PVC membrane structures can achieve great outcomes with spans of 50m easily achievable, and sports clearances for games like basketball, netball, tennis and volleyball. Greenline’s PVC membrane design is also built to last. Testing has shown that PVC membrane provides upwards of 30 years of reliable service – with low maintenance.

A superior nanotechnology-based coating, it prevents dirt and grime sticking to the material, ensuring a long life and less maintenance work. PVC membrane promises all this – and superior shade too. 100% UV blockout (but still allowing light from the visible spectrum) and water-resistance ensure comfort and safety, regardless of weather conditions.

To learn more about how the designs of our waterproof shade sails would work in your area (and every project needs a custom approach), contact Australia’s leading shade sail specialists at Greenline today.

PVC offers shade sails enduring waterproof quality, with total freedom of design
Spectacular designs are Greenline’s forte, and PVC membrane enhances them beautifully. Not constricted by conventional building parameters, PVC membrane can adopt any form you can imagine to allow unlimited design creativity!

One of the most striking benefits of PVC membrane is the ambience it can bring to an area. It’s able to replicate an outdoors ambience, filling even a stadium with diffused natural daylight. 9% light transmission in the membrane allows this, reducing glare, while still providing 100% UVR block. PVC membrane also provides a fantastic opportunity to make a feature with uplighting, making the structure glow at night.

Waterproof shade sails at tailored prices
Waterproof shade sails provide complete 100% UV protection. They are a long-lasting waterproof shelter option which is used for schools, councils, public areas and car parking.

Whether you’re after custom shade sails in Melbourne or waterproof shade structures in Sydney or elsewhere across Australia, get in touch with us today!

“Spectacular designs are Greenline’s forte, and PVC membrane enhances them beautifully. Not constricted by conventional building parameters, PVC membrane can adopt any form you can imagine to allow unlimited design creativity! “

High quality structures
Our driving focus has always been to create structures that provide an incredible aesthetic experience, as well as protection from the elements. Greenline has extensive experience in the field of Shade Structures and tensile membranes, working with leading national and international architects and engineers, dedicated to designing elegant and practical structures which leave a legacy for future generations.
A full scale service when installing your Shade Structure
Greenline prides itself on delivering the highest quality PVC structures, at competitive prices. Our quality turn-key Shade Solutions are designed to cater to every business need, creating a viable Shade Sail product that is versatile and effective. Whatever your needs, Greenline has the turn-key solution for you.

Enquire with Greenline today for a FREE quote on all structure installations.


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