About Us

Creating communities with shade and light

Australians live in a rich, bright country full of space and light. They are raised outdoors, born to play under blue skies or laze in the shade on hot afternoons. Although they hail from all the corners of this island nation, or from across the seas, as a people they share one trait: a love for the sun. But the bright southern sun has a nasty bite. They’re forced inside to escape it, where they miss out on the daylight hours.

At Greenline, we refuse to see Australia become an indoors country, so we’ve spent two generations softening the sun’s effects. Faced with extremely varied landscapes and conditions, we’ve learned to be creative in our approach. We design resilient structures that can stand up to the harsh, dry sun of the south, or use innovative design to catch breezes in the tropical heat of the north.

In doing this, we create much more than shade – we craft carefully designed spaces where communities can come together. We take time to get to know the land and the locals, learn how the sun strikes and the rain falls, study how people spend their time outdoors, and consider our client’s plans, from every angle. Our world-class designers use this knowledge to imagine structures that stand in harmony with the landscape, and the community. Then we paint the land with shade and light, carving out cool spaces where people can rest, play, learn and share long afternoons.

Over two decades, Greenline’s shade has become a crucial part of the landscape, strengthening Australia’s long legacy as an outdoors people. Thanks to Greenline, Australians are healthier, their days are longer and their bonds are stronger. Because we don’t just create shade – we bring communities together to enjoy their bright and endlessly beautiful days.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

We take a risk-based, customer centric approach to ensuring we provide safe, fit-for-purpose projects that meet the customers’ requirements and minimise environmental impact.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, AS/NZS: 4801:2001 standards. These are the accepted international standards for quality, environmental and safety management.

Born on the Murrumbidgee. Nurtured coast to coast.

Greenline is a family business with firm roots on the Murrumbidgee River. But while our values are home-grown, our business goes coast to coast, and our shade sails would stand up anywhere in the world. We pack our respect, honesty and hard work, and go wherever the sun takes us.

Shade fabric

International collaboration.

Greenline is an Australian owned and operated company, that prides itself on 100% Australian fabrication and local level engagement in communities we service.

To be the best we can be, we have a developed a collaborative approach to shade innovation by partnering with some other world-class shade structure companies in the UK- Streetspace urban structures and Shade Systems in New Zealand. Through these partnerships, we share design and innovative processes so we can offer our clients shade structures that would stand the test anywhere in the world.

Greenline worked to our time line and delivered as per the spec. Their work was what was expected.

MBS PTY LTD, Mark Conroy

Friendly, professional communications and extensive help provided in the grant application process as well as excellent execution of the project.

Barnawartha Primary School - Bernadette Kelly

Extremely easy to deal with. Professional service. Very happy with the completed job.

Echuca East Primary School, Jodi Boal

I find engaging with Greenline completely professional. The customer service is exemplary and the three projects I have been involved in with Greenline gives me connfidence in their communication, ability to meet deadlines and appease a customer, quality of work, competency in meeting regulations and OHS measures

I have great confidence in this team/company.

Wodonga Primary School, Damian Duncan